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Alina Wang

         Alina Wang 


We started this project with the goal of creating higher-quality products. We want people to think more about how they live in their homes and what affects them. We are so excited to show you all the things that we have going on!

integrating “smart home solution” and “healthy living solution” for a different family.


Providing a two-way communication platform for all intelligent furniture users, it connects with them via APP, Amazon Alexa、Google Assistant, and IFTTT to bring safety, convenience, and efficiency

The company utilizes a virtuous circle of design and technology to establish the most user-friendly smart solutions in different markets.

LED lamps – Provide you with comfortable lighting effects and solve your eyestrain and discomfort. Different lights create special effects for you.

Air Quality Detectors – Relieve those who suffer from asthma, allergies, or other respiratory ailments by improving your home’s air quality naturally.

Smart home products – Free your hands to make your home full of wisdom, easily and efficiently design DIY functions for your home.


Where does life start? It starts by stepping into your house every day…
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