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About Shopping

Our website is encrypted with SSL, you can see the “🔒” symbol at the domain name of our website. Our domain name starts with “https” instead of the old “http”.

For the payment gateway we use the globally renowned Paypal payment gateway

You can shop with confidence on our website and we will manage your personal data securely in accordance with the relevant laws of each country in the world.

We are present worldwide except for our headquarters warehouse in China. We also have 6 other international distribution warehouses with the following addresses.

United Kingdom Warehouse:

Warehouse1, Mill Lane Industrial Estate, Glenfield, Leicestershire, LE3 8DX, United Kingdom

Germany Warehouse:

Ludwig-Erhard-Str. 2,Bremen,28197,Germany

Belgium Warehouse:

Boulevard de l’Eurozone 35,Mouscron,7700,Belgium

Australia Warehouse:

Warehouse 2, 54 Ferndell St,South Granville,New South Wales,2142,Australia

United States Warehouse 1:

18501 Arenth Ave,City of Industry,California,91748,US


United States Warehouse 2:

2125 Gateway Blvd,Hebron,Kentucky,41048,US

We dispatch your goods to the nearest international distribution warehouse to your address, and in the event that the international distribution warehouse is out of stock we will dispatch your goods from our head office warehouse in China.

Our normal delivery times:

International distribution warehouse timeframe:

Standard shipping (free of charge): 2-7 working days, depending on the distance from your warehouse to ours.

Express shipping (paid): 1-5 working days, depending on the distance between you and our warehouse.


Delivery time from China warehouse:
Standard shipping (free):
North America.

USA Canada Mexico: 8-15 working days




UK Germany France. 5-7 working days

Italy Spain Netherlands Sweden Austria: 10-12 working days


Other European countries: 12-15 working days




Australia New Zealand: 8-12 working days


Other regions. 12-15 working days




Japan Singapore Malaysia South Korea: 4-6 working days


United Arab Emirates Saudi Arabia 5-7 working days


Thailand: 7-10 working days


Other regions. 12-12 working days



South America.

Brazil: 25-40 working days


Other regions: 20-30 working days



Express shipping: (additional charges apply)
North America.

USA Canada Mexico. 5-7 working days



UK Germany France. 3-5 working days

Italy Spain Netherlands Sweden Austria: 4-6 working days

Other European countries: 4-6 working days



Australia New Zealand: 5-7 working days

Other regions. 7-9 working days



Japan Singapore Malaysia South Korea: 2-3 working days

United Arab Emirates Saudi Arabia 3-4 working days

Thailand: 4-5 working days

Other regions. 4-6 working days


South America.

Brazil: 7-10 working days

Other regions: 7-10 working days


If you need to cancel your order you can do so in your account history or you can contact us directly (,Whatsapp:+86 13967852415) for a refund. If we have already dispatched the goods you will need to wait for the goods to arrive and return them to our nearest warehouse and we will refund your full payment once we have received your return.

We offer our customers a 30-day return service (from the day after delivery) and a 1-5 year warranty (please refer to the product description for the exact duration of the warranty). Simply provide us with your order number on our contact page (or contact us online on our website) or by email at,Whatsapp +86 13967852415 and we will send you a new replacement or send you new parts as appropriate.

If your order has not been traced for a long time, please contact your local carrier to open an investigation (you can get their service number on the carrier’s website). Please also contact us at or Whatsapp +86 13967852415 for assistance. We will also investigate the shipment and if there is a problem such as a missing shipment you will receive a refund or a new shipment.

If the order tracking track shows that the goods have been delivered but you have not received them. Please do the following.
1. Check your mailbox to confirm that the goods are in your mailbox.
2. Check the corner of your door and your neighbour’s place to see if the goods are there.
3. If you have completed 1 and 2 and still do not have your shipment, please file a claim with the delivery carrier immediately to obtain a receipt number.
4. Inform us of the receipt number of your claim and we will assist you to deal with it or help you to obtain compensation from the carrier.

About Payments

If your Paypal shows a successful payment and the order shows “Pending Payment Status” please contact us for support.
Whats App:+86 13967852415

If your bank card or Paypal is showing problems such as payment refusal/failed payment. Please (i) check that your transaction password is correct. (ii) check if your balance is sufficient. (iii) Contact Paypal or your card issuing bank for support.

Paypal support page: (please switch to your country)

If you do not have a Paypal account, you can choose to register a new account on the payment page. Or you can directly enter your bank card number and other information to pay directly. (No account registration required)

If you don’t use the website to shop or you don’t want Paypal payment, please contact us. Get PI and our bank card number to pay for the goods.

We are a fully licensed company and our website is SSL encrypted. You don’t have to worry about your personal data being stolen.
Our payment gateway uses the world renowned Paypal. When paying you will be directed to their website payment page, so don’t worry it is secure. This is because Paypal has adequate security.

About Coupons

From time to time we will post promotional offers and if you wish to receive them you can sign up for a subscription in our shop. You can also follow us on our social media accounts. (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

We offer traders and wholesalers preferential discounts for bulk trade. You can contact us by email: or Whatsapp:+86 13967852415 for a bulk trade offer.

We have set up a points accumulation program for our member buyers.
When you reach 1,000 points you will receive a $100 voucher or $50 cashback.

About LED Light

The main reasons why LED Downligting stops working are as follows.
1. Because the grid voltage fluctuations lead to driver output fluctuations peak current exceeds the current LED can withstand range leading to LED chip is broken. (Usually non-isolated drivers have a greater chance of this failure than isolated drivers)
2. The driver’s primary semiconductor components and capacitors are damaged by breakdown due to voltage fluctuations in the grid.
3. The LED chip is damaged due to high temperature of the LED chip. The main causes of high temperature are: (i) design defects, heat sink cooling efficiency is less than the heat generated by the LED chip. (ii) LED chip can not withstand the current margin. (iii) High temperatures due to small space constraints.
4. LED chip and driver semiconductor components such as capacitors and other components are not qualified.

Dimmabe LED downlights flicker because of a mismatch with the dimmer used, resulting in flicker at one or all points in the dimming action, usually the solution is to match the dimmer with a new one.

The silicon controlled dimmable LED downlight works by means of a silicon controlled thyristor that produces a phase cut output voltage waveform after the waveform of the input voltage has been cut through the conduction angle. By applying the phase cutting principle, the RMS value of the output voltage/output current can be reduced, thereby reducing the power of the LED chip.
In this working principle the thyristor will reduce the frequency at the minimum angle of phase cutting and thus emit a humming sound, which is not emitted by the LED downlight, but actually by the LED dimmer. If the hum is small and does not affect normal use you will not need to deal with it. If the noise is too loud you will need to replace the dimmer or light to increase the compatibility of the dimmer with the dimmable downlight to reduce the hum.

Classified according to the range of use: incandescent dimmers and LED dimmers.
The dimmers are classified according to phase cutting: leading edge dimmers, trailing edge dimmers, universal dimmers.

What is the best kind of dimmer?
This is a broad range and you need to buy the right dimmer for your LED lights.

We recommend using a dedicated dimmer for LEDs. Trailing edge dimmers and universal dimmers are usually more compatible than leading edge dimmers.

If you buy LED downlights according to UL 8750 or IEC 60598-1:2021 they do not pose a safety hazard. The surface temperature of LED downlights needs to be less than 65 degrees Celsius at room temperature. This temperature is well below the ignition point or melting point of your ceiling.

All light that the eye can see has different wavelengths, and different wavelengths of light can be harmful to the eye in different ways. This includes sunlight, which also produces different wavelengths of light.
The main eyesight hazard is blue light. LEDs for lighting are a mixture of blue LED chips, phosphor and lens components packaged together to give a yellow or white light. A secondary light mixing of the LED modules is required for the assembly of LED luminaires. By mixing the light twice, the blue light emitted by the LED is minimal. They emit less blue light than the sun does in the morning. So the damage to the eyes is minimal with quality lighting.

Compared to incandescent and halogen lamps, LED lighting can save up to 85-90% of energy. 1W of LED lighting is equivalent to the luminous output of a 10W incandescent lamp. It is also equivalent to the luminous output of a 5W (approximately 50%) fluorescent energy saving lamp. In the 21st century LED lighting has become the dominant form of lighting. In developed countries such as Europe and the USA, incandescent lamps and CFLs have been banned and LED lamps are required to achieve energy saving and emission reduction.

About smart curtains

Our electric curtains can be controlled in a variety of ways. App control, voice control with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, infrared remote control, manual control, timer control, etc. for an easy, comfortable lifestyle. You can also open the curtains manually in case of power failure.

Please contact us by email or Whatsapp:+86 13967852415. Tell us your requirements and we will customise it for you, usually within 3 working days. There is no limit to the number of pieces, even if it is only 1.

Our range of customised intelligent electric curtain tracks includes
● Length
● Opening: single side opening (1 curtain fabric), middle to left and right side opening (2 curtain fabrics)
● Shapes: straight, curved, trapezoidal, rounded
● Mounting: Ceiling mounted, side wall mounted.

Our curtain tracks have a maximum load of 20kg per metre, please take care to install the screws firmly.

Our smart electric curtain tracks are delivered in 1M/section packages and we have already assembled them. All you need to do is fix them with screws in your ceiling and the motor is plugged in and ready to use with the power cable.

About Rolling Shutter Motors

Our roller shutter motors are available in various sizes and torques. You will need to choose the right motor for your curtain fabric weight and tube.
Torque calculation formula: Torque = tube radius(mm )x lifting weight(curtain fabric weight)÷ 100

E.g. : tube diameter 40 mm, curtain fabric weight 20 kg
? N.m = 20 x 20 ÷ 100 = 4 N.m

No need, they connect directly to your app via WiFi without a hub. You just need to add your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to the app extension

We accept custom sizes in addition to the usual sizes in our shop, up to 92mm diameter for garage roller doors.
We can also customise with built-in batteries for solar power and normal motors that do not require WiFi.

About window pushers

Our electric window pushers operate on 100-230V/AC, so you don’t need to be bothered by voltage. The intelligent remote control avoids the hassle of not closing the windows when you are out because of rain or high winds. You can also set the timer to turn on and off to ventilate your home. Avoid odours when you come home from a trip.

They can also be used for skylights, as opposed to manual window openers where you need to borrow a ladder or climb a flight of stairs to open the skylight our window pushers make your life much easier.

Smart electric window openers, also known as “smart electric actuators”, can be controlled by infrared remote control, apps, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, and timer functions to open or close windows/skylights. Compared to traditional window openers or manual window openers they will make your daily life easier.

About Smart Locks

The main cost of replacing a smart door lock is the cost of purchasing the lock and the cost of installation (you can also install it yourself if you have the tools). There are no additional costs and your use of the app is completely free of charge.

The battery life of a smart door lock depends on the brand of lock, frequency of use and the brand of battery, usually between 3 months and 2 years. You can replace the alkaline battery with a lithium ion battery for a longer life. If you don’t want to replace the batteries you can use USB to power it.

Smart locks use the same latch as traditional locks, so they are as secure as traditional locks. Smart door locks only add fingerprint, password, app, face recognition and other locking methods to avoid the trouble of forgetting or losing the key.

Our smart locks are connected via WiFi and if a hacker needs to break into your lock they will need to hack into your WiFi network. We trust that you have been using your WiFi network for a long time and have not been hacked. So there is no need to worry too much. If you are still concerned you can change your WiFi network password regularly.

About Air Quality Detectors

Air quality detectors can detect carbon dioxide, temperature, humidity, ozone, formaldehyde, total volatile organic compounds, fine particulate matter (PM2.5 PM1.0 PM10), etc. Each product has a different detection range and you can purchase it according to your needs.

Our air quality detectors use electrochemical sensors with automatic calibration and automatic measurement you do not need to check them from time to time.

1. If you have rhinitis, allergy sufferers, children in your home then we recommend that you use an air quality tester to check your air. Once the air quality exceeds the limits you have set, you can ventilate your home to improve the air quality.
2. If your home has just been renovated or you have purchased new furniture, you will need an air quality meter to check the level of formaldehyde, benzene and other organic compounds.


About Smart Cameras and Outdoor Surveillance Cameras

Smart cameras frequently go offline because your WiFi router is too far away for a stable signal, if your camera is used outdoors we recommend using a wired smart camera.

In today’s world any electronic device is at risk of being hacked (including government offices). What you need to do.

1. Use well-known brands of apps (e.g. Tuya Xiaomi Amazon etc.) as they have better multiple firewalls for apps and cloud drives.
2. Change your WiFi password from time to time and remember to protect your router with encryption.

About Smart Sensors

If you are worried about the security of your home, then using smart sensors is a great way you can do so without worrying.
This is because you can receive alerts about irregularities in your home (e.g. open windows, leaking bathrooms, fires and other hazards) at any time and from any location. Be informed and get help or alerts in advance.

Our products are available using the tuya app, or the Smart Life app. They are highly customisable and you can control groups of your sensors or link them all together.


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