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How to Choose the Best Automatic Curtain Opening System for You

SIXINHOME Smart Curtain Motor Track Kit

Today, when online shopping is so easy, we are full of expectations and high expectations for every online purchase we make. Hope they surprise us. For this reason, we will need to spend more energy to confirm the quality of the product through cold words and pictures before purchasing, which is full of challenges.For this reason, we have carefully prepared this article to help provide reference for friends who need to buy smart curtains.

Step 1: Choose the App we like

Today, when everything is connected to the Internet, there are too many apps. They are like the foundation for building a house. Once you choose the wrong app or it is not the app you like, it will bring a bad experience to us every day. If we don’t screen carefully here, your phone will be filled with various apps in the future, which will reduce your enthusiasm for smart home.

Currently, the mainstream smart home management apps in the market include: Tuya Smart (also called Smart Life), Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Mi Smart Home, etc. Our ultimate goal is to use one App to manage all our smart home devices in order to achieve multi-product linkage and convenient management.

For users who have already purchased smart home products: When purchasing smart curtain motors, you need to be consistent with the previous App.

If it is your first time to buy smart home products: Please choose an App with rich surrounding ecosystem and dual versions of iOS and Android. To avoid being unable to use the phone after replacing it. At present, Tuya Smart has the most complete ecosystem of peripheral products and has a dual-version App platform. Their status is equivalent to Windows in computer systems. Apple Home Kit is only compatible with iOS systems.


Step 2: Choose a network protocol

There are currently two mainstream smart home network communication protocols in the market, WiFi and ZigBee. Below we will explain the differences between the two in detail.

Wi-Fi Protocol

WiFi advantages:

1. No additional gateway is required, reducing costs.
2. High transmission rate.
3. Wide coverage, transmission distance is between 20-200 meters.
4. Simple networking and easy to operate.
5. It can accommodate a lot of equipment.

WiFi disadvantages:

1. High power consumption, not suitable for battery equipment.
2. Using multiple devices at the same time is prone to congestion and interference.
3. When the home network is unstable, devices are prone to disconnection.

ZigBee Protocol

ZigBee advantages:

1. Low power consumption, suitable for battery equipment.
2. Self-organizing network, suitable for multi-device linkage management.
3. The network is stable and not prone to disconnection.

ZigBee Disadvantages:

1. Additional gateways are required, increasing costs.
2. The transmission rate is low, only 250kbps
3. Narrow coverage, transmission distance is between 10-100 meters.
4. Networking is relatively complicated and not easy for novices to operate.
5. There are few devices to accommodate, usually only 100-200 devices.
6. Requires complex wiring.

Both devices have their own advantages and disadvantages, which need to be selected based on the actual situation. As the two mainstream network protocols for smart homes, they are both suitable for ordinary families.

Step 3: Product Hardware Selection.

Factors that affect motor quality and price mainly include: motor rated torque, motor rotor harness, motor control board component quality, curtain track aluminum thickness, curtain track belt firmness, and whether it meets the electrical safety certification standards of your country, etc. 6 aspects. Below we will provide detailed answers to these 6 aspects.

3.1:Motor rated torque

The current motor torque range of the automatic curtain opening system is: 1.2N.m; 1.5N.m; 2.0N.m; 2.5N.m. The greater the motor torque, the more expensive it is. A motor with the same high torque can provide greater pulling force to open the curtains.

For lightweight gauze curtains or windows less than 3 meters wide, we can choose a 1.2N.m or 1.5N.m motor.

If your curtains are thick or the window width is greater than 3 meters, we recommend choosing 2N.m and 2.5N.m motors to ensure sufficient pulling force.

3.2: Brushless motor rotor harness material.

SIXINHOME Curtain Motor

The material of the motor wiring harness is crucial because electric curtain motors mainly use DC brushless motors. The motor current is large, so a pure copper wiring harness is required. Copper wire has the advantages of fast heat dissipation and large current load (maximum current load of 1m² copper wire is 7A). Under the pressure of the current harsh competitive environment, some unscrupulous merchants usually use copper-zinc alloy or copper-aluminum alloy to pass off as pure copper wire to reduce costs. So please check with the merchant carefully before purchasing.

3.3: Aluminum rail thickness.

The load-bearing capacity of electric curtain rods is mainly determined by aluminum rails. So thick aluminum rails are crucial for heavy-duty curtains. The thickness of aluminum rails usually ranges from 1.0mm to 1.4mm.

For lightweight curtains weighing 20kg to 40kg, we can choose 1.0mm thick aluminum curtain tracks.
For heavy-duty blackout curtain fabrics weighing more than 60kg, we need to use 1.4mm thick aluminum curtain tracks.

SIXINHOME Curtain Track

3.4 Aluminum rail belt

SIXINHOME Curtain Track blet

Belts are important transmission components of electric curtains. They will rub against the curtain aluminum tracks and bear long-term tension to drive the curtains to open and close. Therefore, the belt needs to use a belt with built-in steel wire. Usually there are more than 8 steel wires built in.

3.5: Meet safety certification

When shopping online, we cannot judge the quality and details of a product through cold words and pictures. Therefore, it is an important step to judge product quality through the certification obtained by the product before we buy it. Among them, UL and ETL are the most active safety certifications in North America. Obtaining them proves that products are designed and produced without electrical safety and quality hazards. CE is the electrical safety certification of the European Union, SAA is the safety certification of Australia, UKCA is the electrical safety certification of the United Kingdom, and CSA is the safety certification of Canada. EMC, RCM, and FCC are electromagnetic compatibility certifications. Obtaining this certification indicates that the electromagnetic radiation of the product is within a safe range and will not cause interference to other electrical appliances during use. RoHs is an environmental certification. Products that obtain this certification indicate that the heavy metals in product materials are within a safe range. Reduce harm to the human body.

Therefore, before purchasing, we need to carefully verify whether the product has obtained the electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility certificates of the country where we are located. This serves as an important basis for us to judge product quality.

SIXINHOME Curtain Motor Certification

Through the above steps, we can filter out smart curtain motor track kit suppliers who we think have excellent product quality. Next we just need to negotiate the details with the supplier based on our actual needs.

4. Choose the electric curtain track system style suitable for our room according to actual needs.

4.1: Shape of Curtain Track

Choose the smart curtain track shape and size according to our actual window shape. For example: straight line, “L” shape, arc, trapezoid. The accurate shape and size can make the curtain fit the window more perfectly and save space.

4.2:Smart curtain opening direction.

SIXINHOME Smart curtain opening method

There are two ways to open and close electric curtains:
1. Single-sided opening: Suitable for conditions where the space on one side of the window is narrow, or there is a sliding door on one side, or the window is small.
2. Open from center to both sides: This is suitable for large floor-to-ceiling windows, or when there is a large space on both sides of the window.

4.3: Curtain track installation method

Choose top-mounted brackets or side-mounted brackets according to the shape of your ceiling.

SIXINHOME Smart curtain installation method

5. Complete the purchase

After our strict screening, we have found the smart curtain motor track system that we are satisfied with. To do this we just need to follow the normal purchasing process to complete this purchase.

Finally we hope our tutorial can help you. If you have any questions or suggestions you can also contact SIXINHOME: or WhatsApp: +86 13967852415.

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